Angola: Three companies allowed to resume timber exports

The minister provided this information at the end of his two-day visit to Cabinda. On occasion, he said that companies legalized for the export of timber, including Abílio de Amorin Ltd., Huafeng Ltda and MNBA (Maria Natália Amorin) could resume export activities previously prevented.Jofre Van-Dúnem Júnior said that "there is an orientation for companies that are legal and have no problem to submit the required documents in the case of timber exports and continue to operate normally again this week".

This information was given Tuesday at the meeting held by the minister with the timber businessmen of Cabinda province.

During the meeting, lumber exports were the subject of debate and the minister explained that it was necessary to govern, guide and control the sector so that all businessmen could, with the government, find better solutions for obtaining foreign currency because of the crisis in the country. 

He also said it was imperative to have effective control of the wood, because the country, by exporting, must also have some profit and there was none. The legislation provides that the quality, size, shape of the timber, and its transport obey certain standards that are not respected.

"It was therefore necessary for the sector to carry out a study and evaluate the measures to be implemented and which are already implemented, but there are already guidelines for regular companies that have no problem submitting the required documents in order to continue the work. export activity.

"In the case of the company Abílio de Amorin, it can begin its export operations normally during the week," said the minister, who returned Wednesday in the capital of the country.

In addition to the three companies legalised to export Cabinda wood, including Abilio de Amorin, Huafeng and MNBA, there is still in Cabinda in exploration and logging in Mayombe forest, 13 other legitimate companies, only for the chopped off.

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