Our responsibility.

There are strong arguments in support of sustainable harvesting and increasing forest products exports from Angolan planted forests. Aside from contributing to the widening supply gap right across the continent, harvesting the country’s existing mature plantations would have a positive environmental impact by reducing pressure on natural forests. When plantation forests are established on areas without biodiversity values, and the establishment takes into account local people’s needs, the forests can be called sustainable. Plantations are strategic developments created by man in order to achieve sustainable timber supplies by reducing logging pressure in the natural forests. They are, at their very core, environmentally sound. They are actually great news for the world’s rainforests and given the right economic and regulatory environment can be extremely good news for socio-economic growth. Sustainable, ethical and community-friendly logging practices on man-made plantations are a win-win for the country, for Sepex as company, for our partners and more importantly the natural environment.

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